Reading Plays Together:

‘One More Hurrah’ by Laura Emack

November 18 at 5:30pm, Searsport Community Building, 42 Prospect Street, Searsport, Maine – No Registration is Required, Come and Join us!

One More Hurrah

Cold Comfort Theater’s ‘Reading Plays Together’ is a series dedicated to promoting theater literacy by reading a new script in a cold-read, non-performance format, simply focusing on the text. No rehearsals, no pre-casting, no memorization, no performance.


Challenge rules in community theater. Yet for once the stars align as The Playhouse plans the world premiere of “Frozen in Time,” a script that’s generating buzz. A generous grant permits the hiring of two equity actors including Natalie, a film star from the local area to play teenage Candy, and Karl, a character actor, who will cap his long career as leading man Roy. Add a smart, earnest director who champions the play (Lucia), an ambitious summer intern as stage manager (Jennifer), a capable, caring lawyer as producer (Alphonse), and a retired Broadway dresser as the troupe’s wardrobe manager (Maria). What can possibly go wrong?

*Adult themes may not be appropriate for children.
**This is in no way a performance, rather a book club for plays. There will be no casting, no rehearsals, simply a chance to cold-read a new piece of work by a new voice.


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