Our Mission Statement

Cold Comfort is an organization for the performing arts, devoted to the production and nurture of all levels and aspects of challenging theater, for the growth and enjoyment of the individual, the group, and the community.

Cold Comfort Theater was founded in 1971 and was active for over two decades before going on hiatus for several years. We are now back, full force, doing the kind of theater we’ve been known for: thought provoking drama, beautiful musicals, family plays and popular comedies. We do new plays by emerging artists and maintain a strong focus on those works which have stood the test of time.

Children, teens, and adults of all ages of all ages are part of our company and we welcome them as volunteers be it over a long period or for one show only. We also encourage musicians to participate in our productions, when applicable. At Cold Comfort, we love to incorporate music and dance into productions which might not usually include these art forms.

Although we are “non professional” we have a professional attitude of “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” and are very dedicated to teaching and implementing professional theater skills. We welcome participants of all experience levels. We are also known for our delight in performing theater in unusual spaces, believing that theater is a live medium and does not have to be trapped in a box but lives and breathes creativity wherever it is presented. We invite you to join us in what can be a fun and enriching experience by contacting us at: ColdComfortTheater@gmail.com

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